Google Voice App Updated!

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Good news everyone!

The Google Voice app was updated. I have been playing with it over the weekend and it no longer crashes with every launch, button click, scroll, sideways glance.


How to use Google for Voicemail on iPhone

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Red Public Phone Boxes -  Covent Garden, London, England - Thursday September Thirteenth 2007Instructions on setting up the iPhone to use Google Voice’s voicemail for iPhone messages were all over the web a few years back. However, when I tried to find them so I could set up my iPhone 4S, a lot of the original sites were gone. So, let’s review how to make this happen.

I am using the instructions originally found on Lan Bui.

To forward missed calls, rejected calls, and calls when the phone is off or in airplane mode to Google Voice, dial the following into the phone application keypad: Read the rest of this entry »

Going VOIP

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Meeting in Progress

It is about 45 days after moving my law office. The physical move was the easy part. All the furniture was transferred in a morning. Even moving all the furniture from one one side of the office to the other (flipping the office 180 degrees) took only an evening’s hard work.

Mail, on the other hand, took about 21 days to begin forwarding.

You may recall my prior post concerning porting my telephone number. Well, 45 days later and still no luck. Quite early on I decided I never wanted to deal with this problem again. I never again wanted to deal with the antiquated systems set up by the telephone companies for moving a telephone number.

The question became: how am I going to run my business without a phone?

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