Ikea Jerusalem syndrome

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I have been Ikea’d.

I took my first trip to the Denver Ikea last week. It’s massive. Larger than you can imagine. Two floors of parking just for one shop. It doesn’t even feel like a store — arriving at Ikea feels like arriving at an airport. You traverse the multilevel parking garage and then trek to the entrance lined with loading and unloading areas. You expect to hear “the white zone is for loading and unloading only.”

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Of agony, ecstasy, and Ikea

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Look at my Dinner

I recently discovered the pristine particle board paradise that is Ikea: the clean lines, the minimalist design, the Stepford sensibility. The sense that something … is amis. And yet, at such good prices, who can resist?!?

Perhaps this sheds some light on the lurking horror behind the retail giant.

Creative Commons License photo credit: moriza