Writing Under the Influence

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Coffee is my drug of choice.

Coffee beans @ Pulau Ubin

Yeah, sorry to disappoint you. Worse still, revealing such a mundane stimulant so early in the post will probably turn off a lot of Google searches unless I put in something like, “Walnut shells, roasted, soaked in tequila can produce a remarkably open state of mind and facilitate…” However, then there is the liability issue and I really don’t care to be a test case with hundreds of pages which ultimately can be summarized as:

If you screw with stoners, we’re going to nail your ass to a wall.

– Love, the Supreme Court Board of Law Examiners.

Coffee. Yes, coffee. The dark mistress. For me ,at least, it often produces a mild euphoria and slightly trance like state. No, no double-rainbows. I still know what is going on, but some filters are lowered and I am better able to channel creativity.

It does not last though. So, while I’m on the right side of “happy coffee” mountain, I need to write. Because I know that soon, I will becoming down the jagged side of the post caffeinated crash. See! Coffee is like other drugs. But, please don’t criminalize it.

I have already written on the book today, and I can feel muse leaving me now. So, I will try to write a bit more, then take the kids home and make dinner and then edit. Editing I can do straight.

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Create While The Fire Still Burns

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Sketch Zen
Inspiration does not last. And does not present itself at a time of your choosing. In fact, it will often appear at amazing inconvenient times: when you supposed to be doing homework with the kids, taking care of other work, or driving.

And it hits you! The idea, the thought, that breath of the divine. And you can either stop whatever else you are doing and give yourself over to the inspiration, or try to hold on to it just as long as you can.

The following TED with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity captures the essence of it.

So, what do you do when inspiration strikes?

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