On Purpose

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I was watching Janet Echelman’s TED presentation on taking imagination seriously. Beyond an amazing form of large scale art, I am amazed at Echelman’s perseverance:

  • 2 years searching for a fiber.
  • Connecting with an aeronautical engineer.
  • Connecting with industrial fishnet factories.
  • 3 year to develop a method to mass manufacture 50,000 square foot lace netting.

And that was just on one project! How you pay the mortgage in the mean time?

I suppose this ability to take on a large scale project and develop the tools necessary to tun dreams into reality is what makes for a good TED presenter. This makes me think that three factors required in achieving such goals are direction, determination, and connections.

  1. Direction: knowing what you want to do
  2. Determination: being and remaining resolute in pursuing your direction
  3. Connections: knowing or being able to find the people to help you over hurdles you face in pursing your purpose.