Power of a good logo!

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I love Rick Campbell’s work. The logos he designs are clean, vibrant and capture a vitality. I have written about Rick Campbell’s work before, and he has done the logos for my endeavors.
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Powerful Law Firm Logos – The Face Of Your Business

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Today’s guest article is written by freelance Graphic Designer Rick Campbell,

Think of your favorite beverage.

Is it a soda? Is it coffee?

Maybe your drink of choice is a brand of tea or an energy drink? When you think of it, do you picture it in a glass? Do you think of it on ice? Or do you picture the logo or packaging first, followed by the appearance and taste?

You come back to the same brand again and again because of the experience of drinking the product, but your mind may recognize the logo and packaging as part of that experience. At times, the taste is secondary to consumers, as they may recognize a company or brand solely by a logo.

A law firm’s logo can speak the same language, though the experience is based more around integrity and results rather than flavor or caffeine levels.

  • A logo serves as a face of your business and can highlight your business in a positive or negative light, depending on how effective it is.
  • A logo identifies what your firm stands for and can go so far as giving potential clients an idea of what you specialize in (whether it’s real estate, family law, copywriting, etc.) without having to “Google” you.
  • A logo identifies your core values. It can say that you are trustworthy, that you take pride in your work, or strive for excellence in your field.

Some of the more effective logos bypass using cookie cutter images, like gavels and columns, that are so often seen in law-related logos or combine them with new images related to their specialty to create a more memorable mark. Others may use familiar regional imagery, like a tree or a mountain range that is specific to that part of the world. Thinking outside the usual confines of law’s basic symbols can be a foundation for building brand awareness and brand loyalty in your clientele. [Check out the examples below the fold] Read the rest of this entry »