Low Quality Faxes – When Cheap Equals Stupid

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Boy and Fax Machine

I just got a fax from a CPA on one of my Colorado Social Security disability cases. The fax is painfully low resolution. Frankly I am not sure it is not just one long Captcha. Figuring out the numbers requires an inordinate amount of squinting and guessing.

This just makes me wonder: what are you saying about your business with your faxes?

I know what this ink blot test of a fax tells me. It says:

I don’t care about my client.

I don’t care about the recipient.

I don’t care how my business looks to anyone in the outside of my office.

Regular readers know that every contact with another person or business is a chance to make an impression and to market your office. Do you want to squander that opportunity with poor quality fax? Is the money saved by using the low quality setting so substantial compared to faxing using high quality? Of course not.

Quick Tip: make everyone happier by faxing using the “high quality” setting.

Here’s an even better tip, send the scanned file as an attachment to email and give your recipient the highest quality version. Of course, make sure to scrub the meta-data before sending. Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat makes that very simple. Read the rest of this entry »