More Microsoft Futurism

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I love the videos Microsoft makes showing their vision for the future: roboto-Bill Gates ravaging the landscape shooting lasers from his eyes and leveling buildings with shoulder mounted missile launchers… /sigh… good stuff.

Actually, I find their videos on how school, work and life might work to be quite enthralling (despite being shockingly depopulated — perhaps they simply depict the 2023 forced “retirement” of anyone unable to afford a smartphone).

I’m not sure why they do this other than just give futurists a “SQUEE!” But, they do and I love them for it. Squee!

Here’s the latest one titled “Productivity Future Vision (2011)”

It’s a bit more whackadoo than their Office Labs Vision 2019: containing holograms coming off the screen combined with (still awkward) Kinect type controls. But, hey, you can continue to follow the adventures of business-mom (same actress as in the prior video) who still hasn’t found her way home (she’s now in Johannesburg). Ah well, maybe by 2040.

This isn’t a dig against moms who work. Just that usually if a company wants to show you an idealized future, they who how technology improves work/life balance; not keeping you continents away from your family. But, at least there’s pie!

via Gizmodo.

Legal Technology: Practicing in the Cloud Presentation

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Here are the slides from “Practicing in the Cloud” presented at the Colorado Trial Lawyers convention and Colorado Bar Association Hanging Your Shingle CLE. This covers the best of cloud based solutions for attorneys!