TextExpander from Noob to Ninja!

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One of the best presentations at MILOfest was Brett Burney’s guide to using TextExpander like a BOSS!

Here is part one covering the basics:

Viewing tip: bump up the youtube video resolution to see what Brett is typing!

Part 2 is UP! (Even with an i7 and seeing 8 cores light up, processing video takes so looooooong!)

Part 3: “From Milan to Minsk” is UP at long last:

Happiness and Purpose

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IMG 4836

Larry Port is presenting on “Hacking Your Mind” at MILOfest. He mentioned a some of things I’ve written about before as well as new items. This provides a good chance to review some of the things that make us happy in our lives.

First up is Martin Seligman’s TED talk revealing the importance of meaning, engagement and having pleasure in one’s life.

Next up is Simon Sinek’s presentation on the importance of “Why” – the need to have purpose and how it inspires others.

Finally, is Teresa Amabile’s presentation on how doing one very simple thing, keeping a journal, can keep you happy.

RocketMatter Scoop: Email Integration Coming!

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IMG 4832

At MILOfest, Larry Port revealed a new feature coming out Rocket Matter: email integration.

Instead if requiring you to forward emails to a gobblegook email address, you just file the email into a matter folder in your own email program.

Using IMAP, each email in the matter folder is automagically associated with the matter in RocketMatter.

Larry says the new email integration is rolling out to users next week.

Jack Newton on Great Customer Service

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More from MILOfest: Jack Newton of Clio is presenting “Behind the Genius Bar” on how to provide great customer service. 

I love the above image from his presentation. Love it.

Go Brainless With Markdown!

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Doug Rice is presenting about Markdown at Milofest. One of the great tips was using the Copy as Markdown extension in Google Chrome.

Screen Shot 2012 11 09 at 9 15 29 AM

Copy as Markdown not only lets you copy a link and page title as Markdown, but also lets you copy ALL OPEN TABS as Markdown. Ever wanted to publish a list of sites? For example when you are out of ideas for what to blog about. So you decide to do a “rundown” of other people’s articles and blog posts, just open up the sites. Click the plug in and you have just copied all urls and titles in markdown format. Then click paste in your editor….

… and BAM, you got a blog post!

Brett Burney on Keynote Tips

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I’ve made my annual pilgrimage to Orlando Florida for the Macs in Law Offices conference (MILOfest for short).

Brett Burney, technology consultant extraordinare, has some great Keynote tips that even old hands might not know about:

  • You can apply a theme just to one slide (not just to the entire deck).
  • Tear off inspector windows with ALT + click.
  • “Cmd +” and “cmd -” increases and decreases text size. Great when experiment with the text size.
  • You are not limited to “text” bullets. Go to inspector, text, bullets, and select “image bullets” from the pull down menu.
  • “Cmd P” plays from the start of the presentation. BUT more importantly, “alt cmd P” plays from the selected slide! This is great when you are testing you build in and outs in your keynote presentation.
  • Did you know you that you do not have to use a square or rectangle when masking an image?In “Format – Mask with Image” lets you select different shapes. Here is a call out –>Screen Shot 2012 11 09 at 8 01 26 AM

Hello MILOfest!

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Going to MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) annual conference is an odd experience. It’s a bit like Lex Luthor going to Lexor. Um, there are no statues, mind you. However, I do have people coming up to me and saying:

Hey, you write planet 10 tech!


You write that disability blog!

It’s nice (if a bit disconcerting). So, thank you for reading and for saying ‘hi.’ Its really awesome. I’ll do my best to not blow up this haven while fighting Superman.

Macs in Law Offices 2011 Conference Coming Up!

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MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices), the premier conference for lawyers and law firms who use Apple computers in their law practice has set a date for the 2011 conference:

November 10 though 12, 2011 at the Coronado Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

Each year (this will the be third) the conference has gotten better and better. It is an awesome chance to mingle and pick the brains of the best Mac legal technologists in the country. Past conferences hosted founders and developers from major Mac legal software companies such as Clio, Rocket Matter, Market Circle and others.

One of the best things about being a Mac using lawyer is that the community is so small and tightly integrated that everyone wants to help you when you are looking for solutions. MILOfest has been our annual chance to get together and learn from each other. If you want to learn more about it check out the MILOfest website and see my videos and posts from last year’s conference.

MILOfest 2010 Ron Elkins on Using iPad in Trial

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Ron Elkins gave a terrific presentation at MILOfest (Macs in Law Offices) 2010 on how he uses iPads to create a slam dunk trial presentation and cut costs for his office.

Planet10tech caught up with Ron after the presentation for quick run down.

MILOfest 2010 Victor Medina Conference Organizer

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If you are wondering what all this “MILOfest” stuff is, Planet10tech got a interview with the Macs in Law Offices conference organizer, Victor Medina: