Predicting Future Tablets

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This is one of those, “crystal ball gazing posts.” The kind that, due to the effects of obviousness, are only useful if it is wrong. If I happen to be correct (at some unspecified time in the future) then it was meant to be, so who cares. If I am wrong (which I am up until the very point that I am right), the outcome is also obvious by virtue of the prediction having not come to pass. Also, it isn’t useful in any kind of making-a-difference-in-your-life way, but more in a “ha-ha, you’re wrong!” kind of way.

In either case, predicting anything is a fairly useless exercise. So here goes nothing. Also, if you suspect I am padding out this post with this preface, you can give yourself a pay on the back.

Prediction: tablet screens need to become the size of a sheet of paper (approx 8 1/2 by 11 inches)

The iPad is too big already! I can’t fit it into any pockets! Who needs a bigger one?

I agree that it is too large – to be easily pocketed; save in tactical pants tricked out for uber geeks. However, for handwritten notes or sketches, it is too small. The number of apps that permit you to zoom in and out because using a stylus is too imprecise, attests to that. True, that is primarily the fault of the digitizer which will no doubt improve in each generation. However, a page sized note page still beats out a 7.5 x 9.5 inch screen.

I already have a problem with taking an iPad anywhere. It doesn’t fit in a pocket. I don’t want to just carry it, for fear of dropping it. And, getting a murse for it, is going down the path of buying accessories for my accessories. So, here it is: the iPad is just too damn BIG.

So, make it bigger?

Yes. Make the screen the size of a sheet of paper and let it finally be a notepad replacement. Up the digitizer sensitivity and let me use it to sketch, take notes without all the current workarounds. Then, I can carry it in a folio, and feel that I have actually carrying something useful in exchange for the inconvenience of having to carry another item (that doesn’t fit into a pocket).

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