How Lawyers Use Twitter Podcast

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Gwynne Monahan and Huma Rashid, two of the most prolific and interesting legal tweeters on the net, join me to discuss how solo lawyers, small law firms and attorneys at all experience levels can use Twitter, including personal versus professional balance, mistakes made along the way, using hashtags, whether to worry about followers, how these Twitter superstars choose who to follow, and best practices for covering live events.

Pocket Casts: Better Podcast App

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I’m a big fan of podcasts:¬†This American Life, Radiolab, several shows from TWiT. It’s great to listen to my favorite shows in the car or while exercising. However, I hate syncing to get new shows. When I am running to get out the door, I either leave without fresh episodes or I end out dancing in front of the computer shouting, “faster!”

I have tried using the built in option to get new podcasts from iTunes on the phone, but it is a number of extra clicks, and it isn’t automatic.¬†Since seeing a recommendation for Pocket Casts, I decided to give it a try. While the interface is a bit busy, it completely untethers your iPhone from your computer.

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