PT Barnum’s Art of Money Getting

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I am reading PT Barnum’s “Art of Money Getting.” It contains a surprising amount of common sense advice, such as the following on the dangers of keeping up with the Joneses:

In this country, where we believe the majority ought to rule, we ignore that principle in regard to fashion, and let a handful of people, calling themselves the aristocracy, run up a false standard of perfection, and in endeavoring to rise to that standard, we constantly keep ourselves poor; all the time digging away for the sake of outside appearances.”

You can see this in chasing the latest gadget (/cough iPhone /cough) or kids emulating the lifestyle of their favorite celebrity.

Despite the passage of time, the advice still rings true and the patina of age in the examples show that the problems of today are nothing new. It’s the kind of book you would like to give to your own kids, and would wish someone had given you earlier in life.

It is a free ebook on the Kindle but you can also get it in a number of places such as: ART OF MONEY GETTING.

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