iPhoto won’t play older iPhone movies

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IPhoto videos wont play

I spent the better part of a Saturday trying to figure out why iPhoto 11 won’t play old videos. I know I recorded them on an iPhone. Yet, whenever I try to play a video, I get a the gray exclamation point triangle sign.

I pulled up the information inspector (Cmd-I), and I see that these older videos are in RAW format (compared to H.264 for more recent videos).

Installing Quicktime Player 7 — Strike 1!

After scrounging around on some forums, I see that the problem may be that Apple didn’t ship with the necessary codecs to play videos recorded, oh… IN THE LAST YEAR!

Apple: It Just Works — Until It Doesn’t… Because We Took a Part Out

Anyhow, download Quicktime Player 7 for the current version of OSX (currently Lion).

Quicktime player 7

Install it, and then relaunch iPhoto. I also hear using VLC also works for playing back these “old” videos.

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