Going Geek Sells!

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Planet10tech business card with QR Code

Geekbeet.tv has a great article on geeking up your storefront to get more business.  Putting up QR codes lets prospective clients with smart phones get more information about you, your services, links to your website, etc.

This goes beyond storefronts! Even lawyers should harness this! Our business cards are our storefronts. What does yours say about you? If all it says is that you are lawyer, you’re missing the boat!

Your card should tell a story about you! It should, at a minimun, tell customers what you do. It should also your customer an impression of what it’s like to work with you!

I designed my card with the help of Rick Campbell, an amazing designer, who also did my logos. I wanted to convey a high tech, fun, and personal approach.

I also streamlined my business card to just reflect how people can get in touch with me. I include my email, twitter and website address. I cut out my address since I am do not work in just one geographic area. And I added a QR code to let people automatically download my contact information directly into their smart phones address book.

Do you think it works? What does your business card say about you?

CC photo credit: Legal Technology Expert Tomasz Stasiuk

Are You A Twitterholic?

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Do you have Twitter problem? Are you a twitterholic? Do you have a problem pulling yourself away from posting tweets, checking for replies and direct messages? Do you feel that you need to stay on Twitter constantly to preserve your brand? I know there are days when I feel like this. If there isn’t a conversation going on with @replies, I do keyword searches to look for tweets to respond to.

antisocial thanksgiving

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To be sure, Twitter is a great tool for a number of purposes:

  • Connecting with people with shared interests.
  • Connect with other practitioners.
  • Finding out what is happening in your interest area.
  • Finding the best articles and content from around the web.
  • Publicizing your own content.
  • Getting questions answered.
  • Following the hot events at conferences, CLEs, and conventions.

Here is the problem: Twitter is words on the wind. Twitter is about the NOW. What’s happening. What’s cool. What’s worth looking at. There are a lot of metaphors to describe this:

Twitter is like a party. When you get there, you don’t make everyone repeat everything that was said before you arrived.

Twitter is like a stream. You don’t have to see every drop of water. You just enjoy what is going by when you are there.

The flipside of this is that unlike blogs, videos, or podcasts you are not building a library of content with Twitter. Once you miss a tweet, it is gone. This is not strictly true of course: you can scroll back, you can see a particular person’s prior tweets, you can even search for tweets during a particular time or subject. However, the further back you try to go, the more difficult it becomes. An article you wrote two years ago may still be the number one hit on Google for that subject. However, your tweets from two years ago are worthless for driving people to your site today.

This is something I need to remind myself on those days when I just want to check for replies and messages. The time I spent hitting refresh and running searches might be much better spent writing a post for the blog.

Where does Twitter fit in your social media strategy?

Twitter is important for socializing. People have to know you, to find your content, read it, and pass it on to their friends. Twitter is one of the best ways to get the word out about your content and making connections with others that will spread the word.

It is also very easy to get caught up with tweeting.

I have to connect with people. I have to respond to people. I have to reach out!

These are all valid uses but it is easy to get to the point that you can’t stop tweeting.

If I step away, my brand disappears!

Just remember, you are not building content that will drive people to your site for years. Twitter is about socializing. You have to balance that with generating content that you can be known for. If you really feel the need to maintain regular content, consider using a scheduling service like hootsuite to spread out your tweets over the day even if you are AFK (away from keyboard).

Twitter In Court: Find Out Who Is Tweeting

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Lawyers: are you asking jurors for their twitter handles during voir dire?

You should! Do you know if your client is on twitter? How about opposing counsel? Do you know what is being said. If you are not on twitter, and if you do not know where to look, you probably don’t.

Why is this important? Because Twitter is a HUGE back channel.

When you attend a meeting, people are tweeting. At every conference, there is a back channel about what’s good, what’s bad, and where to get a beer and steak afterward. The more people feel they are trapped somewhere they do not want to be: in line at the post office, stuck at the Social Security office, or in trial; the more likely they are to be tweeting about it to their friends. And their friends are tweeting back! There are entire conversations going on!

But, how can I listen in? Twitter is private, isn’t it?

NO! Unless a person specifically checks the “Protect my tweets” box, their tweets are publicly viewable. That is the whole point: you talk to the whole world, and interested people can follow your tweets and join in the conversation.

Keep in mind this isn’t limited to just what a juror may be tweeting about. Some courts are letting reporters tweet from the courtroom. The opposing counsel may be tweeting. Your own client may be tweeting!

Watch this video covering how to get a Twitter account, how to find someone on Twitter, and how to create and save searches. It looks awesome in full screen!

Ok attorneys, SPEAK UP! Do you keep an eye on social media when you go to court? How do your judges view tweeting in the courtroom?

Twitter For Lawyers Presentation

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Last week, I presented at the El Paso County Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Practice section on the importance of Twitter and Blogging for any firm.
Here is the first part covering Twitter: