Paula Hill on Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistant Paula Hill discusses what a VA can do for your law firm, how to assign tasks as well as make sure the work is done, and how to set up a small project to make sure your office and the virtual assistant can work together successfully.

10 Tasks To Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

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Today’s guest article is written by Virtual Assistant Paula Hill:

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, provide administrative support to business owners who need help but are not ready for full-time, or even part-time, in-house assistance. Many VAs specialize in specific industries, like Real Estate, Law, or Accounting and only work for businesses who need that type of support.

In fact, there is a special type of VA called a “Legal VA” or “Paralegal VA”. Many of these VAs are paralegals, or even attorneys, who have chosen to become Virtual Assistants in order to enjoy the flexibility and rewards of owning their own businesses.

The benefits for attorneys are compelling because VAs, as independent contractors, pay their own taxes, provide their own office supplies, are available “as needed” and “when needed” and only charge for the time they work on YOUR projects.

Unlike a full-time employee you don’t have to pay for down-time, socializing around the water-cooler, long lunches, sick days, taxes, etc. Additionally, there is no need to provide office space, computers, phone lines or parking for them.

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