My Worst New Media Mistake

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CC photo credit: striatic

It was the OpenCamp 2010 conference. LOTS of tech luminaries. Cali Lewis, John P., Chris Pirillo.

I brought my recording equipment to do interviews and tracked down people during the conference for interviews. As difficult it was to ask, everyone was gracious and generous with their time. I was thrilled! Every interview went smoother than the last.

But, then, back in the hotel room, when checking the records, I realized that I hadn’t actually started recording on the external recorder (a Zoom H4N). I love the audio quality the Zoom produces! But, the user interface is another matter. You have to press the “Rec” button twice to start recording. The first press only puts the records into standby. You also get a false sense of security due to the live monitor. It’s great to be able to check sound levels with no delay. However, hearing the sound coming live over the mics makes it way to easy to assume that the sound is also being recorded. At least it was for me.

Like any other UI issue, once you internalize this, it’s not a problem. However, until you do…. you forget to hit the record button a second time.

So, I had done a number of interviews only to discover, that I hadn’t recorded any audio (except over the camera mic which was also picking up ALL of the noise of the conference).

I had a choice, I could abort the entire project (frankly, I just wanted to stay in my room the entire day), or I could swallow my pride and go back out and beg to redo the interviews. Well, that is what I decided to do. And I was able to get each interview done again plus a number more.

Failure isn’t the end. It’s only the end if you stop.

Don’t let me be the only one confessing failures! What were your new media misteps?